Amazon warehouse DEY6

Street address 6 Farrington Boulevard
City Monroe Township
State New Jersey
Zip code 08831

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Walk Score®:8

Bike Score®:16

The area surrounding this warehouse has a Walk Score® of 8, which indicates that it is primarily car-dependent. This means that residents and employees in the vicinity are heavily reliant on cars for their daily transportation needs, as there may be limited options for walking to nearby amenities.

Additionally, the Bike Score® of 16 suggests that the area is somewhat bikeable. While biking is possible, there might be certain challenges or limitations that make it less convenient or safe compared to other locations with higher bike scores.

Overall, these scores indicate that while it is possible to use a car for most errands and daily commutes, biking may be a less common mode of transportation in this particular area.

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Weather forecast at this location

Date 2023-11-30
Temperature 31.86°F (Feels like 24.94°F)
Brief description broken clouds

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Building type

Delivery station