Warehouse.ninja was created as a free resource for warehouse workers to learn and share ideas that may help us excel in our jobs. The author of the website works as an order picker in one of the largest warehouses in Canada.

Some of the ideas discussed here include:

  • how to land a warehouse job,
  • strategies to get better at your job,
  • reviews of some of the best tools and work wear that will help you perform better at your job,
  • how to deal with job stressors in the warehousing industry,

and so on and so forth.

We also have a carefully curated job board that lists the best paying jobs out there in companies that really care about their employee’s well being.

What’s a Warehouse Ninja?

warehouse ninja is a person who works in a warehousedistribution center or fulfillment center where large quantities of products are unloaded, sorted, stored or shipped out to customers.

There are tens of thousands of warehouse ninjas across the US and Canada employed by Amazon, FedEx, UPS, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, BJs, Costco, Sam’s Club and many other companies.