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Amazon, FedEx and USPS Delivery Contractors (Updated Daily)

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  • List of FedEx Stations
    FedEx stations are facilities that temporarily store customer packages before they get picked up by FedEx Ground contractors and go out on delivery. Each FedEx station serves a specific region. The following is a list of FedEx stations in the US.
  • Working for an Amazon DSP Vs FedEx ISP
    Both Amazon and FedEx use independent contractors for last mile delivery. At Amazon, these contractors are called delivery service partners (DSPs), and at FedEx, they are called independent service providers (ISPs) and serve FedEx Ground. DSPs and ISPs move goods from warehouses (AKA delivery stations ) to the customer. If you’ve ever wanted to work… Read more: Working for an Amazon DSP Vs FedEx ISP
  • List of Local Teamsters Representing Warehouse Workers
    Labor union representation is a common feature in many warehouse locations across the USA and Canada. There are several unions that represent warehouse employees such us the International Brothers of Teamsters, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) and Unifor in Canada. The following is a list of Teamsters Local Unions that represent warehouse workers:
  • UNFI Warehouse Locations in the USA
    UNFI has 40 warehouse locations in the United States.
  • Working for Amazon DSP Vs Delivery Station
    Amazon delivery stations are warehouse facilities that prepare shipment for last mile delivery. Each delivery station is served by one or more delivery service partners (DSPs). DSPs are not owned by Amazon but are independently owned franchises that have a fleet of 20 to 40 minivans on average. See: list of 2,319 Amazon DSPs across… Read more: Working for Amazon DSP Vs Delivery Station
  • Walmart Yard Truck Driver: All you need to know
    Yard truck drivers at Walmart distribution centers (DCs) are responsible for moving trailers within the DC yard. This task is usually performed using a specialized truck called a terminator tractor, shunt truck, yard dog or spotter truck. In other companies, this position may also be called yard jockey, yard spotter or switcher. In Walmart DCs,… Read more: Walmart Yard Truck Driver: All you need to know