Warehouse jobs can be fulfilling, too.

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  • Kohl’s Storage & Distribution Center Locations
    Kohl’s has 15 warehousing facilities in the following states: Six of these facilities are e-Commerce fulfillment centers and are dedicated towards processing, filling and shipping Kohls.com orders.
  • When Will Amazon Warehouse Start Hiring Again in 2023?
    Amazon warehouses typically do high volume hiring twice a year: March to June and late September to December. We know this because they’ve hired around this time in previous years, e.g. in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. Hiring rumps up in June in preparation for July sales – Amazon Prime Day – on July 12th…
  • Best Glove Setup for Working in a Freezer Warehouse
    If you work in the freezer section of a distribution center or warehouse, you’ve probably noticed that your hands are the first to get cold. Not only do they get cold, but they can also become quite painful and numb. This makes your job more stressful than it needs to be. If you’re like me,…
  • Exoskeleton Suits for Warehouse Workers
    Musculoskeletal disorders are quite common among warehouse workers because of all the repetitive walking, bending, lifting, crouching, twisting and squatting they have to do on a daily basis. Exoskeleton suits are one solution to this problem that logistics companies are just beginning to explore. Most of these suits are worn over the torso and upper…
  • Target Distribution Center Locations
    Target has a total of 51 warehousing facilities in the US. Some of these facilities share the same building or are really close to each other. List of Target warehouses/distribution centers Locations on Google Maps
  • How to Join the IT Department at Amazon Warehouse
    To operate efficiently, Amazon warehouses are highly dependent on information technology and, consequently, on IT workers. OpsTech IT is the department tasked with deploying, operating, maintaining, and fixing IT systems in an Amazon warehouse. Networks, servers, routers, scanners and PCs are some of the equipment that IT employees work on. OpsTech IT team structure A…