Walmart Yard Truck Driver: All you need to know

Yard truck drivers at Walmart distribution centers (DCs) are responsible for moving trailers within the DC yard. This task is usually performed using a specialized truck called a terminator tractor, shunt truck, yard dog or spotter truck.


In other companies, this position may also be called yard jockey, yard spotter or switcher.

In Walmart DCs, yard truck driver is one of the highest paid entry level jobs.

Requirements for this job

Every Walmart DC is different and have different requirements for their yard drivers. Here are the general requirements, however:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Obtaining a CDL within 6 months of getting the job
  • Driving the yard truck off the facility may be required in some facilities

Job description

  • Pulling trailers in and out of doors
  • Making sure trucks are fueled
  • Maintaining records, logs and forms
  • May go on city streets (in some facilities)

Applying for the job

Yard truck drivers at Walmart can either be hired off the street or hired from within (e.g. by promoting order fillers).

To apply for the position, use Walmart’s official career site.

If you qualify and get hired on, you’ll get two weeks of training. If you are successful, you will be certified by your trainer.

Pros of the job

  • Decent pay with good benefits and bonuses
  • Paid for CDL
  • Easy to operate the trucks as they are usually automatic

Cons of the job

  • Since you’ll be working outside most of the time, you will be exposed to the elements. It can be rough during winter and hot summer days. Some Walmart DCs do provide air conditioning in the trucks and free rain gear.
  • Yard truck positions are competitive due to higher pay relative to other positions in the DC which can make them hard to get
  • Being a yard truck driver is physically demanding with lots of lifting, twisting, climbing and bending.