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Order Selector Job Description, Skills and Salary

An order filler on a pallet jack

Order selectors (also called pickers) are warehouse or distribution center employees whose main function is to prepare product from inventory for outbound shipping by palletizing it according to customer orders. Job description Typical job description of an order selector is…

9 Night Shift Tips for Amazon Warehouse Workers

amazon warehouse at night

If you have recently taken a night shift warehouse job at Amazon you might get overwhelmed by the sudden shift in your sleeping schedule. Working at night and sleeping during the day will naturally upset your circadian rhythm. You can…

How To Drive for Amazon

Amazon semi

Amazon is by far the biggest online-shopping hub in the world, and all those items need to be delivered to the ever growing number of customers. It is for this reason that Amazon’s demand for transportation workforce, including drivers and…

79 Walmart Distribution Center Locations

Walmart sign post

Walmart is estimated to have at least 210 distribution centers globally. In the US, the company has at least 1 DC in every state. Every Walmart DC in the US serves around 100 stores. Each distribution center employs at least…

Dust in the Warehouse: How to control and remove it

Dust particles

If you work in a warehouse, you’ve likely encountered substantial amounts of dirt. Ensuring your warehouse stays clean can be challenging. Keeping warehouse dust away can feel like an infinite treadmill session, but with the right techniques and tools, it…

Food in Amazon Warehouses

amazon warehouse coffee

As an Amazon associate, it is important to consider your options when it comes to food. More so because the work is physically demanding and food will be an important factor in being a productive employee. Food sold at Amazon…