Amazon warehouse DSD3

Street address 901 Bay Marina Drive
City National City
State California
Zip code 91950

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Walk Score®:81

Bike Score®:38

The location of this warehouse is situated in an area that has been measured and rated for its walkability and bikeability. The Walk Score® assigned to this area is 81, indicating that it is very easy to navigate on foot. This means that a variety of amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, parks, and entertainment options can be conveniently accessed within a short walking distance from the warehouse. Additionally, the Bike Score® for this location is 38, indicating that it is somewhat feasible to ride a bike in this area. While it may not be as bike-friendly as it is walk-friendly, there are still biking options available, though potentially with a slightly longer distance or with some road infrastructure challenges. Overall, this warehouse is situated in a neighborhood that is highly accessible on foot and reasonably accessible for biking.

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Weather forecast at this location

Date 2023-11-30
Temperature 62.73°F (Feels like 62.13°F)
Brief description light rain

Weather data provided by OpenWeather.

Building type

Delivery station