Amazon warehouse HCT2

Street address 4400 Amnicola Hwy
City Chattanooga
State Tennessee
Zip code 37406

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Walk Score®:2

Bike Score®:6

The text means that the warehouse is situated in an area with a Walk Score® of 2, indicating that it heavily relies on cars for transportation. This implies that most errands or daily activities will likely require a vehicle to reach destinations conveniently. Additionally, the area has a Bike Score® of 6, signifying that it is somewhat feasible to commute by bicycle, but might present some challenges or limitations. It suggests that while biking can be an option for shorter distances, it may not be as convenient or practical as driving a car.

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Weather forecast at this location

Date 2023-11-30
Temperature 39.6°F (Feels like 37.53°F)
Brief description broken clouds

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Building type

Delivery station