UNFI warehouse Philadelphia Distribution Center

Street address 2722 Commerce Way
City Philadelphia
State Pennsylvania
Zip code 19154

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Walk Score®:16

Bike Score®:44

The Walk Score® and Bike Score® are two measurements that provide valuable information about the accessibility and convenience of an area in terms of walking and biking. In the case of this particular warehouse location, its Walk Score® is 16, indicating that it heavily relies on car transportation and has limited options for walking to nearby amenities or daily errands. On the other hand, its Bike Score® of 44 suggests that while biking is possible to some extent, the area may present challenges such as inadequate bike lanes, steep terrain, or longer distances. Therefore, while it is not completely inaccessible for biking, it may require extra effort compared to more bike-friendly areas.

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Weather forecast at this location

Date 2023-09-25
Temperature 64.31°F (Feels like 64.87°F)
Brief description moderate rain

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