UNFI warehouse Prescott Distribution Center

Street address 1101 Dexter Street North
City Prescott
State Wisconsin
Zip code 54021

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Walk Score®:6

Bike Score®:24

The location of this warehouse is in an area with a Walk Score® of 6, indicating that it relies heavily on cars for transportation. This means that most daily errands require a car to run errands or commute to work, as the area may lack amenities within walking distance. However, the area does have a Bike Score® of 24, meaning that it is somewhat bikeable. While biking may not be the most convenient mode of transportation, there are some bike-friendly infrastructure or paths available nearby.

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Weather forecast at this location

Date 2024-02-23
Temperature 44.35°F (Feels like 38.44°F)
Brief description clear sky

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