UNFI warehouse Ridgefield Distribution Center

Street address 7909 S. Union Ridge Parkway
City Ridgefield
State Washington
Zip code 98642

If you are looking to move here for work…

Walk Score®:19

Bike Score®:23

I would like to inform you that the region where this warehouse is situated has been evaluated using the Walk Score® system, which measures the walkability of an area. In this case, the area has been assigned a Walk Score® of 19, indicating that it is largely car-dependent. This means that most errands, such as grocery shopping or dining out, would generally require the use of a car.

Additionally, the region has also been assessed using the Bike Score® system, which evaluates the bike-friendliness of an area. In this instance, the area has been designated a Bike Score® of 23, indicating that it is somewhat bikeable. While it is possible to accomplish some errands by bike, the infrastructure and accessibility for cycling may not be as developed compared to other areas.

Therefore, if you are planning to rent or purchase this warehouse and prefer alternative modes of transportation like walking or biking, it’s important to be aware that relying solely on these options might pose some challenges.

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Weather forecast at this location

Date 2024-02-24
Temperature 60.03°F (Feels like 58.35°F)
Brief description broken clouds

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