Amazon warehouse DGI3

Street address 851 Boxwood Road
City Wilmington
State Pennsylvania
Zip code 19804

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Walk Score®:55

Bike Score®:38

The location of this warehouse has been assessed and assigned a Walk Score® of 55, indicating that it is considered Somewhat Walkable. This means that some errands or daily activities can be accomplished by foot, but a vehicle may still be necessary for certain tasks or longer distances. Additionally, the area has been given a Bike Score® of 38, signifying that it is Somewhat Bikeable. This suggests that while biking can be an option for transportation in this location, there might be limitations or challenges to cycling, such as limited bike lanes or hilly terrain.

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Weather forecast at this location

Date 2024-02-23
Temperature 41.25°F (Feels like 36.14°F)
Brief description light rain

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Building type

Delivery station