Amazon warehouse SMA2

Street address 267 MAIN ST
State Massachusetts
Zip code 01757-2503

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Walk Score®:83

Bike Score®:48

The location of this warehouse is in an area with a Walk Score® of 83, which indicates that it is very easy to walk around the area. This means that the location has easy access to amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, parks, and other daily needs, making it convenient for people who prefer to travel by foot. Additionally, the Bike Score® is 48, meaning that it is moderately bikeable. Although it may require some effort to bike around the area, there are reasonable cycling options available, such as designated bike lanes or low-traffic roads to allow for safe and easy cycling.

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Weather forecast at this location

Date 2024-02-23
Temperature 35.85°F (Feels like 30.36°F)
Brief description broken clouds

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