FedEx warehouse Van Buren RSF (VBRS)

Street address 42050 Ecorse Road
City Belleville
State Michigan
Zip code 48111

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Walk Score®:4

Bike Score®:30

The location of this warehouse has a Walk Score® of 4, indicating that it is car-dependent and not very pedestrian-friendly. Additionally, it has a Bike Score® of 30, showing that it is somewhat bikeable but may not have optimal conditions for biking. This means that for employees or customers who rely on alternative modes of transportation, like walking or biking, they may face challenges in accessing the warehouse due to the lack of pedestrian and bike-friendly infrastructure in the area.

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Weather forecast at this location

Date 2024-07-24
Temperature 74.23°F (Feels like 74.88°F)
Brief description broken clouds

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Building type

Station (Automated)