FedEx warehouse Virginia Beach (VABE)

Street address 2555 Ellsmere Ave
City Norfolk
State Virginia
Zip code 23513

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Walk Score®:51

Bike Score®:51

The location of this warehouse has a Walk Score® of 51, which indicates that it is somewhat walkable. This means that some errands can be accomplished on foot, but a car may still be necessary for most daily tasks. Additionally, the Bike Score® of 51 shows that the area is bikeable, meaning that it is suitable for biking and there are some bike lanes available for commuting by bicycle. Overall, the location of the warehouse is accessible by both walking and biking, making it convenient for employees and customers to reach the facility using alternative modes of transportation.

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Date 2024-07-16
Temperature 87.62°F (Feels like 98.15°F)
Brief description clear sky

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