Does UPS Drug Test Package Handlers?

Most UPS warehouses no longer perform drug tests on their package handlers.

This may be because UPS facilities have high turnover rates among part-time workers such as package handlers which makes spending money for drug tests on employees who may leave soon too expensive.

Additionally, with marijuana becoming legalized in many states across America, it’s getting harder to enforce a nationwide no drugs policy.

It is however advisable to stop doing cannabis when applying for jobs as a UPS package handler because things might change at any time.

Drug tests at UPS warehouses

Packages at a UPS Hub
Packages at a UPS Hub

Most UPS warehouse facilities do not drug test their employees, including package handlers.

In the same vein, there are no drug tests for package handlers during their orientation/day one.

If you ever need to take a drug test, you’ll be required to do so on site or at an external location.

Roles that require mandatory drug screening

Most entry level positions at UPS Hubs -such as package handlers – do not require drug testing as a condition for employment.

However, there are a few roles whose significance requires them to have pre-employment and random drug tests.

Under federal law, UPS feeder drivers are required to get random drug tests since they are CDL.

Other UPS positions that require drug testing are mechanic and pilot.

Employees in these positions are required by federal law to get drug tested.

When to expect a drug test as a package handler

There are certain situations where package handlers might get drug tested:

  • If you have been involved in an accident and equipment is damaged, you might get drug tested.
  • If you get into an accident and sustain injuries.
  • If there is reasonable suspicion of being under the influence of drugs, such as slurred speech.
UPS loader at work

Even though UPS has the right to drug test you under these conditions, they rarely do so in many facilities.

Urine analysis/test

A urine test kit

UPS does urine tests as the drug testing mode of choice.

With a urine test, a strip with tiny colored pads is dipped into a urine sample after which it changes color according to the concentration of the drugs being tested for.

Tests are not done on site but at a clinic.

Tips and recommendations

It is generally advisable to stop consuming cannabis when applying for jobs such as those at UPS.

If you think (or know) that you are going to get tested and have used marijuana recently, you can buy a home drug test and find out if you’ll test positive for it.

If you have a medical prescription for any drug you use, it may get you off the hook if you ever test positive for it.

Cranberry juice is a natural detox and can help you pass a marijuana drug test.

Do not bring up the subject of marijuana use during your interview if the interviewers don’t bring it up themselves. Doing so might make you look suspicious.

How package handlers pass the drug test by finessing the testing process

Since drug tests at UPS are unobserved, some employees finesse their way into passing the urine test even when they have recently taken drugs such as cannabis.

They do this using synthetic urine which is a lab made chemical that is indistinguishable from real pee to the naked eye.

A popular product for passing urine tests is the synthetic urine kit which goes a step further from regular fake urine kits by:

  1. having an attached temperature strip and heat pad that warms up the fake urine sample to body temperature so that it doesn’t rouse suspicions of the drug testers
  2. including all ingredients normally found in real pee such as creatine and properly balanced pH levels.
Pass USA drug test banner

If you take this route, make sure to:

  • read the instructions that come with your kit very carefully and follow them to the letter
  • give yourself enough time to get ready on the day of the test so as not to make any mistake that might get you caught while in a rush.