Food in Amazon Warehouses

As an Amazon associate, it is important to consider your options when it comes to food. More so because the work is physically demanding and food will be an important factor in being a productive employee.

Food sold at Amazon warehouse break rooms

Most Amazon facilities have canteens that sell snacks and drinks like granola bars, cookies, sandwiches, energy drinks and more.

Many of these canteens are self-service, whereby, food and snacks are kept in shelves and refrigerators where associates can pick them and pay at an automated kiosk.

Vending machines are also available in many Amazon fulfillment centers. You pay with cash or credit/debit cards.

Some sites even have full-fledged fast-food restaurants such as Chic-fil-A within the facility.

All food at Amazon warehouses is sold through third-party vendors and not by Amazon itself. Fooda is one such company. It provides popup restaurant services in some Amazon facilities.

Fooda Amazon

Fooda also provides mobile apps through which associates can buy food.

Some Amazon sites have food trucks which serve food items like briskets, burgers, tacos, fried eggs and tater tots.

A major downside of these services is that it takes a lot of time to get your food due to the long lines formed during breaks.

In most sites, coffee and tea are provided to warehouse associates for free, along with a coffee machine.

During special holidays, Amazon gives free food to associates.

Can you bring lunch to the Amazon warehouse?

Warehouse associates are allowed to bring lunch to work as long as it’s not on the warehouse floor or lockers.

Employees eat lunch in the break room or in their cars.

Ultimately, making your own lunch is much cheaper and healthier than buying food in the cafeteria.

Food sold inside Amazon buildings is especially enticing to night shift associates who may not have enough time to make their own food during the day.

Although convenient, stuff sold at the canteen is usually not very fresh, is expensive and not very healthy.

So meal prepping and freezing food during your days off is a good cheap and healthy alternative.

Another alternative is to make easy and fast lunches before you go to work. For example, you can make couscous in 5 minutes.

Where to eat food at Amazon

Most Amazon associates eat their lunch at the break room or in their cars.

At some sites, management (Level 4 and above) has their own break room within the building.

Where you choose to eat will impact the time you have for your break. At many sites, it generally takes five minutes of walk time to and from your station and break room.

Taking lunch in your car will eat even more into your break time, for example.


Dos and dont’s of food at Amazon warehouse

Don’t keep food in your locker. It is an easy attractant for pests.

Don’t bring food or drinks to the warehouse floor except for water. While this rule is not always enforced, it’s Amazon’s policy to not have food or beverages while working.

Eat healthy food and drink water. Jobs at Amazon can be physically straining so you need energy to push you through the shift.

If you take food from the cafeteria, make sure that you pay for it. You run the risk of getting terminated for theft if you don’t do so.