89 Amazon Area Manager Behavioral Interview Questions and Sample Answers


This booklet contains 89 behavioral questions as well as sample answers written in the STAR format. These questions have been asked before during Area Manager position interviews.


Behavioral interviews are part of the process of interviewing for the Area Manager position at Amazon. The company insists that candidates for the AM position must know its Leadership Principles.

The company also expects the interviewee to answer questions using the STAR format.

This booklet contains 89 behavioral interview questions and sample answers for someone interviewing for the AM position.

These questions have been asked previously at Amazon interviews but it’s not guaranteed that you will encounter them in your actual interview. They are merely for practice purposes, e.g., when doing a mock interview.

The answers illustrate how to reply using the STAR story format from the perspective of an AM position candidate. Remember, you don’t have to use these answers in your actual interview. However, practicing answering the questions using the sample answers will boost your confidence during your interview.