Learning Ambassador Position at Amazon Warehouses

Learning Ambassadors train and onboard new employees in Amazon warehouses. Essentially, they prepare new associates for success.

They work under the Training Department and you can tell them from other associates by their uniquely colored safety vests – often green and blue – that have the words “Learning Ambassador” printed on them.

Learning Ambassador
You can tell learning ambassadors by their special safety vests that say “Learning Ambassador” and the laptops they have with them.

Roles and responsibilities of Learning Ambassadors are:

  • Explaining rules and policies that new associates follow when working at an Amazon site.
  • Answering questions and providing guidance to new associates in relation to their path.
  • Performing daily audits on new hires to check their progress and suggest areas of improvement.
  • Identify and report employee misconduct to management.
  • In some facilities, Learning Ambassadors may also help in doing direct roles in path such as picking and packing from time to time.

How to become a Learning Ambassador

There are several ways you can become a learning ambassador. The most common are:

  • Being recommended by a higher up, e.g., an AM or OM after they have noticed your good work ethic and hard work, e.g. high picking or stowing rates.
  • By submitting an application in the learning department when open positions for Learning Ambassador are announced.
    • You can get an application form from the Learning Coordinator, from the Learning desk or from your area manager.
  • Networking doesn’t hurt and letting the right people (e.g. your managers) know that you are interested in the position will increase your chances of landing the role.

Requirements for becoming a Learning Ambassador

If you are a good worker, your managers might approach you about becoming a Learning Ambassador. This is especially likely if you have a high picking or stowing rate.

Having a good grasp of how most departments work will give you a leg up in being selected to be a Learning Ambassador. This is because you will be training people to work in different departments. So being cross trained in other departments is a plus.

After you have been selected to become a Learning Ambassador you will go for training to prepare for your new role. There are no interviews (in most buildings) for becoming a learning ambassador but you have to take classes to prepare you for the position.

Learning Ambassador class
You have to take a class before you can become a learning ambassador.
You must have worked at Amazon for some time – at least 30 days in most locations.

You might have to shadow more experienced ambassadors for some time to learn how to train in multiple process paths.

Pay and benefits

Learning ambassadors are T1 level employees and therefore earn the same pay as other T1 associates in the warehouse.

All T1 associates earn a minimum pay of $15 an hour.

As with other associates at Amazon, Learning Ambassadors get the following benefits:

Tips for Learning Ambassadors

Learning ambassador training in PIT
Always be humble and patient and have the willingness to listen to and help other associates in the warehouse. This will help foster a great working environment and make new hires feel welcome.

Don’t be afraid to seek advice from more experienced
Learning Ambassadors if you need it.

Make light conversation, be friendly and use humor to ease new hires’ stress and fear of making mistakes.

Always follow up with the new associates you’ve trained to see how they’re holding up in their roles.

If your goal is to move up the ladder at Amazon, take this chance to network with the higher ups you will be in contact with as a Learning Ambassador to increase your chances of getting promoted.

Remember that you can always step down for your position and get back to your regular role in path if you fill that being a learning ambassador is not for you.

Learning Ambassador pros

Becoming a Learning Ambassador increases your chances of getting promoted to higher positions such as PA in the Amazon warehouse.

Working as a Learning Ambassador leads to a nice change of pace from the more common path roles such as stower or packer which can be monotonous.

It’s less physically tedious than other path roles in the warehouse such as picker.

Having been a Learning Ambassador will look good on your resume since it will prove that you can be good leader and communicator.

You are more likely to be picked up for away teams.

If you like meeting new people, you will enjoy it since Learning Ambassadors are always training new cohorts of employees every few weeks.

Learning Ambassador cons

Becoming a Learning Ambassador results in being assigned a lot more responsibilities without an accompanying increase in pay. Essentially, you will be doing more work with the same pay.

It can be quite stressful if you are not a people person or have social anxiety (but you could use it as a way to improve your social skills).

Personality clashes with some of your trainees (rare, but happens) might make the job all the more difficult.