PPE for Warehouse Workers: A Comprehensive Guide

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Personal protective equipment protects warehouse workers from work related injury. Some PPE is compulsory for all warehouse workers (e.g. steel-toe boots) while other types depend on the specific warehouse job (e.g. hard hats and safety glasses for maintenance crews). To…

7 Best Gloves for Warehouse Work


Most warehouses and distribution centers provide free PPE such as gloves, high visibility vests and masks on a regular basis. However, sometimes these may not be readily available or might be of poor quality. In this article, I go through…

How to Get Out of Warehouse Work

Warehouse work can be frustrating.

A warehousing career can be lucrative and rewarding but it is not for everyone. Warehouse jobs have been getting harder and harder over the years while the pay hasn’t improved to match. This is reflected by the amount of churn…