Warehouse Work

Is Warehouse Work Blue-Collar?

warehouse worker

Most entry-level warehouse jobs are blue-collar. This is because a blue collar worker is defined as a working class person who performs manual labor. This description fits warehouse work well since most of it is manual. Examples of blue-collar warehouse…

10 Best Warehouses to Work For

An order filler on a pallet jack

Warehouse jobs can be very lucrative. They tend to pay well since there is a lot of demand and competition for warehouse workers. What’s even better is that you don’t need any specialized education as an entry level warehouse employee.…

How to Get Out of Warehouse Work

Warehouse work can be frustrating.

A warehousing career can be lucrative and rewarding but it is not for everyone. Warehouse jobs have been getting harder and harder over the years while the pay hasn’t improved to match. This is reflected by the amount of churn…