How to Become a Warehouse Manager

warehouse manager/supervisor

A warehouse manager is in charge of the entire facility. Duties of a warehouse manager mainly concern overseeing the operations of the facility including the staff, stock, security, documentation and equipment. Requirements Here are a few prerequisites that will improve…

7 Best Gloves for Warehouse Work


Most warehouses and distribution centers provide free PPE such as gloves, high visibility vests and masks on a regular basis. However, sometimes these may not be readily available or might be of poor quality. In this article, I go through…

5 Ways to Move Up in a Warehouse

Warehouse managers/supervisors

Moving up in a warehouse can be difficult since entry level jobs are usually in a lot of demand. This makes the employer not very invested in employees’ career growth as they are seen as replaceable. Having said that, it…

9 Best Shoes for Warehouse Pickers

steel toe shoe

As a warehouse picker, your shoes are one of the most important determinants of your success. The right shoes could make a difference in how much incentive you’re going to make. In this article I’m going to list the shoes…

Is Being an Order Picker Hard?

An order filler on a pallet jack

Like any job, there’s a learning curve to being a good order picker. The job can be hard for new entrants for a variety of reasons, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m going to list a few reasons why…

10 Tips for Working in a Warehouse

Hand wrapping a pallet

Warehouses are great places to work at with many opportunities to make a decent living but can be overwhelming for newcomers. Here are ten tips I wrote based on my own experience to make the transition into this job a…