Earbuds for Warehouse Work

Wireless earphones

Most shift work like warehouse, construction and factory work is laborious, repetitive and most of all boring. It drags on and on – which can be pretty demotivating over time. One effective method I use to pass the time at…

10 Best Warehouses to Work For

An order filler on a pallet jack

Warehouse jobs can be very lucrative. They tend to pay well since there is a lot of demand and competition for warehouse workers. What’s even better is that you don’t need any specialized education as an entry level warehouse employee.…

How to Hand Wrap a Pallet

stretch wrapping a pallet securely

Knowing how to effectively hand wrap a pallet is a useful skill that will help improve your performance in the warehouse. Many warehouses have wrap machines that do the work for you. However, these machines don’t work sometimes and can…

5 Best Back Braces for Warehouse Workers

back brace for warehouse work

As a warehouse worker, I deal with literal back breaking work every day. Here are a few reasons that, in my experience, cause back pain while working in a warehouse: lifting heavy items such as products and wooden pallets bending,…

PPE for Warehouse Workers: A Comprehensive Guide

ppe icons

Personal protective equipment protects warehouse workers from work related injury. Some PPE is compulsory for all warehouse workers (e.g. steel-toe boots) while other types depend on the specific warehouse job (e.g. hard hats and safety glasses for maintenance crews). To…

How to Become a Warehouse Manager

warehouse manager/supervisor

A warehouse manager is in charge of the entire facility. Duties of a warehouse manager mainly concern overseeing the operations of the facility including the staff, stock, security, documentation and equipment. Requirements Here are a few prerequisites that will improve…