Jobs That are Better Than Amazon Warehouse

Many entry level jobs (e.g. ship dock, stowing, packing and picking) at Amazon warehouses can be physically demanding, tedious (sometimes 10+ hour shifts), boring and painful.

Coupled with the fact that you don’t get to choose which department you’ll work in when you are hired makes it even worse.

In some locations, the pay might not even be enough to pay the bills.

It is for these reasons that many new and experienced Amazon associates come to the conclusion that the job may not be a good fit for them.

Better jobs than Amazon

There are other jobs (outlined below) that almost all Amazon warehouse workers can qualify for that are more pleasant to work in and pay more. After all, switching jobs is a better way to increase income than getting a raise.

Through the Amazon Career Choice program, employees at Amazon warehouses can get fully paid education to get into any of these industries.

1. Skilled trades

Skilled trades are a good route to take if you like working with your hands. They pay much more than an entry level job at Amazon warehouse but require a bit of experience (as little as 1 year) before you can start making good money.

Skilled trade education takes less time to complete (8 weeks to 2 years) than a traditional college degree (4 years).

Jobs like electrician, construction manager, pipefitter and IT support specialist are highly paid according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Take advantage of the Amazon Career Choice program which has a huge selection of colleges that offer skilled trade education and certification, fully paid for by Amazon.

2. Truck driving

Amazon offers free CDL training to Amazon employees who want to transition to the TOM team.

After getting their CDL, most associates don’t stay at Amazon but instead switch jobs to other companies which pay higher wages for drivers with CDLs.

If you want to go this route, use Jobfinder to find open TOM team positions.You can access Jobfinder from the A to Z app (under More > Careers and Training).

3. Jobs in the technology industry

Tech jobs are a hot market with high demand and high wages. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the tech industry is expected to grow 15% from 2021 to 2031.

If you work at an Amazon warehouse and have some interest in getting into tech, you would be in the right place since Amazon pays for tons of IT degrees and certifications through the Career Choice program.

If you have any interest in IT, this would be the right time to make the switch.

4. Jobs in other warehouses

Uline warehouse sign post

For various reasons, you might find that you love working in a warehouse environment but not Amazon specifically.

There are warehouse jobs in other companies that are better in terms of pay or culture or both.

ULine warehouses, for example, are known to pay very well and the company has great profit sharing benefits (but is also hard to get into).

Other warehouses have easier tasks with similar or better pay.

5. Remote jobs

Since the pandemic started, remote jobs have skyrocketed in availability and demand.

Remote jobs have enabled American workers to say goodbye to the daily commute thereby improving their quality of life.

As someone who works at Amazon, you may not think there are many opportunities for you to get a remote job, but there are.

Remote jobs like accounting clerk, customer service, executive assistant and data entry don’t even require a college degree.

Some HR jobs within Amazon (e.g. ERC) are fully remote and are easy to get. You only need to apply through Jobfinder.

Alternative options if you’re not ready to quit Amazon

You may not yet be keen on leaving Amazon just yet, either due to personal circumstances, job availability in your area or other reasons.

If working at Amazon is your only practical option for the time being, rest assured that there are better jobs than stowing, picking and waterspidering at Amazon.

Get better positions at Amazon warehouse

Not all jobs at Amazon are as tedious and soul crashing as those on the Amazon warehouse floor.

A good example is the TOM team which is one of the best jobs at Amazon facilities since it’s more laid back and pays hire than entry level jobs inside the warehouse.

You can also switch to HR which is less strenuous than T1 jobs. Some HR jobs at Amazon are actually fully remote, making them a great opportunity if you’re into that.

These are mostly L4 and L5 jobs, so you may need to look for a promotion in order to get them.

Get a job at a different Amazon facility

Amazon warehouses are not all the same in terms of pay and environment. Some pay more than others while others are better to work at.

If there is another Amazon site in your area, do some research on pay and how they treat their workers. You might be surprised to find that they are markedly better.

If you are willing to relocate, you can search a wider area for a better Amazon facility to work at. This will also increase your odds of finding one.

If you do find a better Amazon warehouse, you can apply for a hardship transfer through HR.