amazon warehouse at night


9 Night Shift Tips for Amazon Warehouse Workers

amazon warehouse at night

If you have recently taken a night shift warehouse job at Amazon you might get overwhelmed by the sudden shift in your sleeping schedule. Working at night and sleeping during the day will naturally upset your circadian rhythm. You can…

How To Drive for Amazon

Amazon semi

Amazon is by far the biggest online-shopping hub in the world, and all those items need to be delivered to the ever growing number of customers. It is for this reason that Amazon’s demand for transportation workforce, including drivers and…

Food in Amazon Warehouses

amazon warehouse coffee

As an Amazon associate, it is important to consider your options when it comes to food. More so because the work is physically demanding and food will be an important factor in being a productive employee. Food sold at Amazon…

10 Tips for New Amazon Warehouse Employees

amazon warehouse packer

Are you starting work at an Amazon warehouse and feeling worried? This job can feel quite physically demanding, especially if you’ve never worked at a warehouse before, so you’ll need to take care of yourself. However, getting a hang of…

Drug Testing at Amazon Warehouses

Drug testing at Amazon

Large warehouse environments can be uniquely hazardous places teaming with heavy moving machinery, poisonous chemicals, allergens, and potentially unsecured loads. This is why companies like Amazon take precaution not to hire warehouse workers that are at risk of being a…